Welcome!   I am Shalene Yaskowich, fashiontech entrepreneur, who has founded Chic Insights to help bridge the gap between fashion retail and the technology that drives commerce.

Fashion, retail and technology are now inextriably linked as we adopt new innovation and platforms, seek ways to  better connect with customers and provide faster access of goods to market.

Emerging fashion brands that have literally been born online require IT solutions that are able to run their businesses “lean and mean”. The investments brands make in technology must be made in a way that not only manage day-to-day operations, production cycles and logistics, yet positions them to take full advantage of the data provided via social media, web, mobile and e-commerce interactions with customers so they can derive powerful insights from the data available and generated.

Such ‘chic insight’ will ultimately make for elevated customer engagement and = increased revenues.

There are a number of ways to approach data strategy, but Chic Insights has a process which streamlines how to gather, use and disseminate information to make informed decisions – that works – and can achieve accelerated growth based on proven enterprise grade datacenter and advanced analytic solutions already available.

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