I have been reflecting a lot about Social Media this weekend.  What is working.  What is annoying.  What new tech features are being embraced.  How much we actually absorb.  And what is the payback on all the effort and promotion spend  (anticipate another blog post on that tricky topic!).

What struck me most is how aligned our efforts are with fashion designers this season re: the pursuit of making the ordinary, extraordinary.  How especially in SS 2018 there was a focus on elevating the everyday.

Case in point: we use filters on our posts with clear tag-lines and polls and captions – is it really any different from more slogan shirts and logo’ing and gimmicks that were presented this past fashion month?

And what can we learn from this?  Point of view.  And authenticity.

What is important, regardless of the trends, is that a point of view is clearly reflected.  And it is consistent.  And not ambiguous.  And is authentic.  THAT is what engages.  And ultimately sells.  Not just the product, but the person promoting the product as well.

Chic Insights Inc. helps our clients ensure what they post is clear, consistent and authentic and placed in a way that is proven to sell.  We help make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Let’s talk shop.

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