Chic Insights extracts your data and adapt it so you can get the powerful insights you need.

Instead of having data silos, in enterprise on-premise systems as well as third-party cloud-based SaaS partners, Chic Insights works with you to gather all of your important data from various data sources and together plan the needed avenues to have the data accessible in raw, curated, and aggregated formats.

This foundation will allow you to perform all types of data analysis, starting from ad hoc queries to generating and automating standard reports that are distributed inside and outside your organization.

With our advanced data engineering offering you can expect:

  • Virtually No-Operational Overhead: Relying on cloud-based big data platforms such as Google’s BigQuery, you won’t need to worry about the infrastructure, uptime, software updates and human resources for maintenance.
  • Agility and Democratized Data: The morepeople in your organization who have access to data, and the easier they can conduct their own analysis, the more probable it is that they will achieve different actionable insights.
  • Support for EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis): Whenever possible, we will keep access to raw data to support EDA and finding new perspectives on the data.
  • High-Quality Data: Not only web-based data, but for all types of data. Chic Insights put policies and mechanisms in place to ensure the quality of the data before any analysis.